Expert Spring Clean-Up Services

Spring Clean Up

Let the experienced team at RLJ Landscape & Construction take care of all your spring clean-up needs. Our affordable services will ensure a pristine landscape to enjoy all season long.


Spring is the season of new beginnings, and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space with a spring clean-up. RLJ Landscape & Construction is here to help you get your yard in tip-top shape with our professional spring clean-up services.


Our team of experts knows how to tackle even the toughest of spring clean-up jobs. We’ll remove all the debris that has accumulated over the winter, including fallen leaves, branches, and other yard waste. We’ll also trim back any overgrown bushes and trees, and clean out your gutters to ensure they’re functioning properly.


One of the biggest benefits of a spring clean-up is that it sets the stage for a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden throughout the growing season. By removing dead leaves and other debris, we’ll allow sunlight to reach the soil, which promotes healthy grass and plants. We’ll also identify any areas of your lawn that may need extra attention, such as reseeding or fertilizing.

Spring Clean-Up Services

At RLJ Landscape & Construction, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We won’t just clean up your yard, we’ll leave it looking polished and pristine. We’ll edge your lawn, sweep your patio, and make sure everything is looking its best.

Our clean-up services are also an opportunity for us to assess the overall health of your outdoor space. We’ll identify any potential issues, such as drainage problems or pest infestations, and provide you with recommendations for how to address them.

Spring clean-up is an essential step in maintaining a beautiful, healthy outdoor space. RLJ Landscape & Construction has the expertise and attention to detail to get your yard in tip-top shape for the season ahead. Contact us today to schedule your spring clean-up service.

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